What is OETDA?

The Ohio Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Association (OETDA) is a non-profit association established in September 2006 by a network of interested ETD professionals in the State of Ohio. Membership is open to persons responsible for or interested in Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD). The Association seeks to address issues important to the ETD community, increase ETD knowledge of its members, provide information on how to increase productivity through the sharing of “best-practices,” provide networking and learning opportunities, advance the ETD professional role, establish standards, promote ETD open access, and more.

Membership Benefits of OETDA include:

Network with others who process ETDs, catalog ETDs, and are involved with international ETD initiatives. OETDA provides an opportunity to develop a strong statewide network of ETD professionals to call upon for assistance in problem solving, in understanding ETD filing practices, and with developing and implementing new ETD procedures. A semi-annual meeting is also held to increase productivity through process and information sharing.
OETDA meets annually to share best practices, to develop more productive ETD programs, and to learn more about important ETD initiatives. Leaders in the field of ETD and related-organizations present current issues, provide updates on new ETD technologies, and provide methods for improving ETD filing practices.
OETDA offers the following awards:

  • ETD Professional Awards: Leadership and Service
  • ETD Student Awards: Innovation and Scholarship